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The original and the infamous; The Ugly Kids Club ™ - clothing and creative.... scribbling all over things since 06.
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The Ugly Kids Club is a London based clothing and creative brand that combines pop culture, bold graphics and nostalgia using the medium of T-shirts and apparel as their canvas.


We are not actually a physical club for ugly kids, although we do not discriminate.
The name is a personal reference to the founders and creators former appearances as young children, the name embodies the acceptance of this aesthetic disadvantage in the most self deprecating and ironic way. The Club logo; the flying swan, is the representation of that transition from an ugly duckling into the final more powerful atmosphere crushing form like Goku or when the Hulk stubs his toe and changes his colour way. It is this turning of the tables that we promote through our name, our morals and our aesthetic.


The Ugly Kids Club™ is the collective brand name for ALL our clothing, footwear and accessories products.
Any product from this website or from our registered stockists will bear The Ugly Kids Club™ mark in some way, and upholds the same high standard of manufacturing and process throughout.

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Ugly Kids Club is the youth brand of graphic T-shirts and apparel
UKC is the print and graphic based creative company that creates lifestyle and art products
Rollin is the newest addition to The Ugly Kids Club™ brand; accessories made and sold under our umbrella.
UKC London Limited is the central hub of business activities for all our clothing and creative projects.
UKC London Limited Co. No. 7218960

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